Cancer Survivors

Battling Hair Loss?


Nothing is worse than losing your hair…

..Whether it be to Cancer, battling another medical illness, thinning throughout pregnancy, it was bleached one too many times, or having been given a bad haircut.
No side effect of Cancer treatment seems more disturbing than hair loss. For many women, it’s worse than losing a breast, which can be hidden under baggy clothing. Hair loss (the medical term is alopecia) threatens your sense of self, your privacy, your sexuality, your personal image, and your vanity—because it’s so visible.

Your hair is a big part of how you appear to others and the reflection you see every time you look in the mirror. It’s part of the look that helps define you. When your hair goes, you have to start thinking about other ways to present yourself to the world. The cropped or bald look will take some getting used to. Fortunately, although it may seem to take an eternity, your hair WILL come back.

Yes, it’s traumatic—but it’s also most often temporary.

My mission is to use my hair extension system to aid the public with hair whatever the cause of hair loss. I strive to be a life changer, and start people off in turning points in their lives.

An example of the difference extensions can make


One Client’s Post-Cancer Hair Journey


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